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April 5, 2024

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The 8th March saw over 340 BMJ pupils come together our 3rd BMJ X event this year, marking another milestone in our journey.

BMJ X events are crafted to offer children new experiences while fostering their character development. Our past events, BMJ X Games, BMJ X Individuality and BMJ X Careers, were met with great enthusiasm, and the same level of engagement was evident in our latest event.

The theme for this event was BMJ X STEM, where our goal was to ignite curiosity and wonder in the realm of science and technology. We aimed to provide children with hands-on experiences across various scientific disciplines.

The day commenced with an inspiring keynote speaker from Dr. Samantha McLean, a senior lecturer in microbiology. Dr. McLean’s passionate speech resonated with the children, encouraging them to ponder the relevance of science in their lives and future endeavours.

Following the keynote, the children split into their house teams and delved into five interactive workshops covering topics such as chemistry, physics, microbiology, and neuroscience. Each workshop offered valuable insights and practical learning experiences, enriching the children’s understanding of science. A highlight of the day was the space dome, where virtual reality transported children into outer space, sparking their imagination and curiosity.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the 6th form students from Brinsworth Academy who volunteered their time to support the children. Their dedication was commendable and contributed significantly to the success of the event. We also thank the volunteers from Sheffield Teaching Hospital for their expertise and support.

As we reflect on the success of BMJ X STEM, we eagerly anticipate our next event, BMJ COP (Conference of the Parties), scheduled for the 26th of April. We look forward to another enriching experience as we come together to discuss pressing issues and explore innovative solutions.

Miss R.Larkin

Deputy Headteacher at Brinsworth Manor Junior School

A view from The Pod ...

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A view from The Pod ...

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