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Staying Curious

We held our half termly heads meeting at Swinton Fitzwilliam on Friday. it was great to get all of the White Woods heads together again. Once some of the business items were complete we focused on some shared thinking!

Two of our 4Cs are curiosity and collaboration, we played those out during the session.

I am really fortunate to have been exposed to some great thinkers during my time in Education, two, in particular, shaped my thinking and leadership early in my role as a Headteacher in Barnsley, Ronnie Woods and Darren Holmes. Both are strong advocates of developing enquiry methodology to drive school improvement. At Friday’s meeting, we spent some time exploring a Think Piece by Lee Teetzil describing ‘Instructional Rounds’ in conjunction with a piece by Dylan Wiliam ‘ Why teaching isn’t a research-based profession’, both can be found below.

Some simple but key messages are exemplified in both pieces; the importance of working collectively to explore solutions to problems of practice, the need to withhold judgements or professional bias to seek solutions, the importance of maintaining an unyielding and unashamed focus on Teaching and Learning.

I’m looking forward to working with colleagues across the trust in developing our work in this way.

Kate Davies, CEO

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